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Public Health Practice Course Resources

These are materials available at various Internet web sites that supplement and extend the material in the text and the various modules of this course. A few of these resources require special software such as the Adobe Acrobat reader to view files that are in the PDF format or the latest version of RealPlayer for audio-visual materials such as video clips. Recent versions of the UIC network Services Kit come with these players. If you need to, you may obtain the latest Adobe Acrobat reader and/or RealPlayer software at no cost by clicking on the following images:
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All Modules

What is Public Health? (Course Module 1, Text Chapter 1)
Understanding and Measuring Health (Course Module 2, Text Chapter 2)
Public Health and the Health System (Course Module 3, Text Chapter 3)
Law, Government, and Public Health (Course Module 4, Text Chapter 4)
Core Functions and Essential Public Health Services (Course Module 5, Text Chapter 5)
Public Health Infrastructure (Course Module 5, Text Chapter 6)
Public Health Interventions (Course Module 6, Text Chapter 7)
Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Response (Course Module 7, Text Chapter 8)
Public Health Challenges for the 21st Century (Text Chapter 9)

Web Sites

Federal Health Agencies

Health Data and Information Sites

Other Sites

Public Health Search and Gateway Sites

Public Health and Medical Organization Sites

Selected State and Local Public Health Agencies

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