Map  Header Text: Epidemiology for Public Health Practice, Third Edition
Third Edition Text: Robert H. Friis and Thomas A. Sellers

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Chapter Title
1 The History and Scope of Epidemiology
2 Practical Applications of Epidemiology
3 Measures of Morbidity and Mortality Used in Epidemiology
4 Descriptive Epidemiology: Person, Place, Time
5 Sources of Data for Use in Epidemiology
6 Study Designs: Ecologic, Cross-Sectional, Case-Control
7 Study Designs: Cohort
8 Experimental Study Designs
9 Measures of Effect
10 Data Interpretation Issues
11 Screening for Disease in the Community
12 Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
13 Epidemiologic Aspects of Work and the Environment
14 Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology
15 Psychologic, Behavioral, and Social Epidemiology





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