Map  Header Text: Epidemiology for Public Health Practice, Third Edition
Third Edition Text: Robert H. Friis and Thomas A. Sellers


New in the Third Edition:

  • Updated case studies throughout the book demonstrate the real world application of epidemiologic concepts that students can apply in subsequent coursework or in employment settings.

  • Coverage of contemporary and historical underpinnings of the field, such as: anthrax, bioterrorism, the SARS epidemic, the work of William Farr, and landmark achievements in epidemiology.

  • A completely new chapter on Cohort Study Designs, providing in-depth coverage of life table methods, examples of major cohort studies, and a table that compares observational study designs.

  • Increased attention to diverse populations and sub-populations to reflect the growing diversity of the American society and to help reduce disparities among these groups.

  • A glossary of terms that allows students quick access to major terms used in the field.

  • An added appendix that provides a guide to the critical appraisal of an epidemiologic/public health research article.

  • Coverage of specific content areas for applications of epidemiology, including a separate chapter on environmental health, molecular and genetic epidemiology, and psychosocial epidemiology.





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